MJ Opentop Coco Grow Bag 6.5L

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Boost Your Cannabis Plants With Pelemix’s Coco Coir

Cannabis is an annual, dioecious flowering herb.  In recent years more and more countries have approved the growth of Cannabis plants for medical and recreation purposes.
Cannabis requires a well drained substrate to allow a proper manipulation of vegetative growth in the initial vegetative stage and generative growth in the flowering and buds development stage.

CannaMix is a special designed Coir OpenTop for Cannabis Growth. Pelemix Coco Coir’s long fibers and unique double sieving technology create the optimal air / water ratio, which is vital for strong root development, while even water content and distribution guaranteed across the media.


  • Pelemix offers large variety of volumes: 4, 6, 5, 9, 11, 13.5 ,15, 18 ,27 liters
  • Polyethylene bag has one year life span unless defined differently
  • CannaMix Open Tops come in crates to ease distribution to growing rooms/plots
  • PLF (30% Crash, 70% Pith) is the preferred mixture for Cannabis Growth
  • Treated products are preferable , washed products are also available


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